McFarlan Home receives excellence award

Fitchburg, MA. For Immediate Release, September 17 2019


McFarlan Home, an Assisted and Independent Senior Living Solution for women in Flint, received a Pearl award for ‘’commitment to excellence’’ by The Michigan Center for Assisted Living. McFarlan successfully completed a pilot program with Sensara to successfully reduce night time falls for its residents.


Kelly Price, administrator at McFarlan Home: “Sensara is helping us reducing night time falls. Especially for residents who would go to the bathroom by themselves and lose their balance and/or orientation. When they need help, we will receive an instant notification and can assist faster.”


Sensara delivers SensaraCare: an integrated solution, using sensor technology and smart software, to improve the quality of life, safety and privacy for residents in assisted living. Objective of the pilot was less falls, less alarms and less intrusion.

According to the nurses in the McFarlan Home pilot project the Sensara pilot program was successful. Nurses noticed that residents sleep more peacefully and are more rested and energetic during the day.


“We don’t have to unnecessary check on residents all night long, which a lot of residents wake up from the lights and noise, in order for us to know they are safe. The Sensara system will tell us when residents are in their beds and if they need support when going to the bathroom for example, we will receive a notification and assist them.”


Are you interested in more information? Visit our website ( and see how we can help you improve the lives of your residents with less falls, less alarms and less intrusion.



McFarlan Home ( part of McFarlan Villages provides Assisted and Independent Senior Living Solution catering to women over 60

The Michigan Center for Assisted Living ( is a division of the Health Care Association of Michigan (HCAM) recognizing and promoting excellence in Senior care.

Sensara ( is a spin-off from the Dutch Scientific Institute, which began researching how to support senior citizens with smart sensor technology fifteen years ago. Now they provide smart technological solutions for care organizations to help them provide the best personal care


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